Miria Seranoda

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Miria Seranoda
Position: Premier of Carops
Term of Office: CY 5678-5683
Predecessor: Dr. Haldric Maldian
Successor: Unknown
Date of Birth 7th/9th/5375
Place of Birth: Fornænda
Qualifications: DoP, OIP, PQT
Pontiana Seat: Fornænda Sulis
Political Party: None
International Positions: Chair of the Council of Nations

Miria Seranoda is the current Premier of Carops and The Caropsyne Pontanore. She is known for her left-wing policies and dislike of violence. Miss Seranoda is the Pontanore's first female premier, and the only independent candidate to have won Pontanore Elections in over a century.

Seranoda served as the Foreign Minister of the Pontanore during the administration of Dr. Phodric Dormond, before leaving the goverment during the Oil Crisis, heavily criticising Dr. Dormond's leadership. She wrote a vitriolic attack upon the Dormondist mode of thought which was then governing the Ponanore, and spent a year in political isolation, before returning during the government of Dr. Haldric Maldian as Administrator-General of Euvodora, where she had taken residence. She is currently a candidate in the Pontanore Elections.

[edit] Life

Miria Seranoda was born into a Middle-Class Fornænda famiy, the daughter of an acclaimed psychiatrist, Dr. Jalmand Seranoda. She excelled in school, receiving a First Class Honours degree from the University of the Pontanore at the early age of seventeen. Miss Serenoda enterred politics on the advice of Prof. Tormian Gethman, who at this time was tutoring economics at the UoP. She was a staunch critic of the Fostana during the austere Fostana Period, attacking the lack of democracy in the Pontanore, despite facing considerable threats from the powers of the time. She was appointed as Foreign Minister of the Pontanore by Dr. Phodric Dormond as a member of the Moderate Party of the Pontanore. She grew increasingly uneasy with policy decisions made by Dr. Dormond, eventually launching a fiercely critical address on Pontanore State Television during the oil crisis which was to cause the collapse of the Dormond government. As a result of this and the subsequent rise of Dormondist Dr. Haldric Maldian, she spent some time in political isolation, only returning to the forefront of political affairs with her appointment as Administrator-General of Euvodora. There are a number of rumours that Miria Seranoda was the victim of a kidnapping plot launched by the Damosca, in an attempt to remove her voice from political commentary.

Miria Seranoda was the one to implement the motion in the Pontiana calling for the removal of Dr. Haldric Maldian as Premier of Carops, following the exposure of enormous links between the Dormondist political grouping and military and Damosca figures. The ensuing debate and invasion of the Pontiana by the Fostana led to a vote by the Pontiana Executive Committee, which called for new elections to be held. The furious Damosca lanched an attack upon the Pontiana Building following this, in what is known as the Siege of Pontiana, which resulted in the deaths of 67 people. Seranoda, who was one of the main targets of this attack, escaped with minor injuries, after being rescued by Fostana Chair Lord Roth.

As a candidate in the following Pontanore Elections, Seranoda campaigned on an anti-corruption and anti-Dormondist platform, vowing to restore liberalism and and civil society to the Pontanore, whilst also stating her desire to dissolve the Damosca.

[edit] Policies

Seranoda implemented the dismantling of the Damosca on becoming Premier. What then followed has often been referred to as an anti-Dormondist "purge," in which Seranoda elimited Dormondist influences and supporters from across all governmental affairs. She was fundamental in securing a peace meeting over the Curian crisis, in which she successfully negotiated the withdrawal of Pontanore troops from Curiaistan.

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